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Healing Ahead of Schedule after my Mastectomy

June 15, 2021

Dear Family & Friends,

Happy Tuesday - make it a terrific one!

Day 33 - it’s been about a month since my surgery and I am happy to report things continue to remain positive and run smoothly.

As of about two weeks ago, when I saw the doctor for my second reconstruction fill, he was very happy with my progress and stated I was ahead of schedule. He cleared me to begin lightly exercising and training, as well as to begin teaching Karate again. I was so excited and happy that day; it was more good news than I was expecting! I’m happy to report I taught my first class this past Saturday and all are invited to join! I can also begin raising my right arm and stretching it out. I was nervous at first but nothing like having my right arm stretched up and back by the doctor, feeling like I’m in pain, and him responding with “it’s totally fine” - clearly he was not nervous; I know I’m in good hands so I trust him. Besides, I’m stretching out my shoulder and pec muscles so I can get ready for my push-ups, lol. That probably won’t happen until next year but in the meantime, I can dream! I continue to visit the plastic surgeon weekly for my expander fills and check my progress.

I also saw the radiation oncologist last week, after my pathology report was finally released. I’m happy to report since my cancer is only 1% minimally invasive I DO NOT need radiation - that was great news and worth celebrating too. I’m very lucky my cancer was caught early! Everyone, please get your annual required check ups - you just never know, even if you're feeling healthy.

Despite the good news, last week was a bit of an emotional roller coaster, as I sat back and reflected on what has taken place this past month and how blessed I am that my journey is going so smoothly. Fortunately, spending time at the beach helps me heal mentally, physically and emotionally. There’s something about the water, air, sunshine and sand between my toes that is very healing, and the beach, to me, is my sanctuary!

With that, I continue to ask for your prayers and push-ups - clearly they’re helping based on my progress. The current count stands at 160. Here’s a short list of some of the recent

push-up counts (received videos as proof..:):

160 (8 sets of 20)

150 daily pushups (3 sets of 50)

150 (3 sets of 50)

100 daily (4 sets of 25) by mom and her 7 y.o jumping in to do 20 too!

Worked up to 35 so far after starting in the low teens

20 and 25 daily

The list goes on but this all makes me very happy and helps me heal - THANK YOU! 🙏🏻💪🏼🙌

Have a blessed week.

With love,


Keeping a daily grateful diary and journaling was so healing

Spending time at the beach - my sanctuary

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