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Coming down the Home Stretch...

November 30, 2021

Dear Friends & Family,

I hope all my US folks had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed the long weekend.

As many of you know, it's the final countdown to this journey of mine; my last surgery is tomorrow morning. Since I initially opted for a unilateral mastectomy, tomorrow's surgery is a mastopexy (feel free to look it up) along with a few corrections, or as I prefer to say, "it's the surgery so I can look good & glam for the summers!" Hey, there's a golden nugget in every life challenge, but you got to find it!

I should be sleeping since I'll be up with the roosters and at the hospital by 6AM, but the excitement that the end is near inspires me to write. My "cocktail" of choice for this surgery will be Japanese whiskey . If you've never tried it, you should - they're good and perfect for the winters. Barring no delays, I should be home around lunch time, and ready for some coffee.

This has been quite a year and fortunately a smooth and pain free journey. Not every day was great, but despite the challenge, I'm grateful and thankful I'm healthy and cancer free. I'm excited this is coming to an end as I'm ready to put this year behind me.

On that note, I want to thank you for your love and support throughout this year, and ask for one more prayer and push-up.

With love,


I'll leave you with this quote:...

"The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered there is an opportunity for growth" - Unknown ...and this song. I hope it makes you laugh and smile.

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