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The Pain and Journey was All Worth It

December 2, 2021

Dear Friends & Family, Before I update you on my surgery, I'll start with a quote from my sister: "She's human! She actually has pain!" ..:) On that humorous note, my surgery went well, although it was more involved than my first two, requiring the doctor to add a drain again to my right side. Fortunately, it will be very short lived and he'll be removing it later today when I see him for another follow up. I'm thankful the surgery went well, but between the pain and being uncomfortable, I was completely worn out; I've been resting and sleeping for most of the time. The worst part though is that my pain-free streak is unfortunately now officially over. Hey, pain doesn't make me lose my sense of humor. I saw the doctor yesterday and everything looks good and healing as needed. I'm fortunate to be in very good hands with him and his team of nurses; my care has been outstanding thus far and I know it will continue to remain that way throughout this process. I am home at my sister's resting and healing, and fortunately my pain has subsided. Since my movement is so limited for now, I'll probably just be reading and watching a lot of Netflix. Feel free to throw out some good recommendations (books or movies). I'll admit, I'm horrible at knowing or remembering movie titles and I'm definitely not the person to ask for recommendations - I know some of you are laughing at this, as you should.

I'll end by saying that while this surgery may have been a bit more difficult, it was worth the pain, especially when my doctor says I have the physiology of someone half my age. My years of training and all the time spent exercising certainly did not go wasted - it only made this entire journey easier for me.

With that, I want to thank you all for your good wishes, prayers and push-ups, and wish you a wonderful and blessed Holiday Season.

With love, Christina

Here's a little something to get your day going and how I feel that my surgery is behind me...

Enjoying a good book and a perfect cup of coffee

Resting and relaxing after my surgery with the sunshine on my face

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