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Why Your Corporate Wellness Plan Should Include Self-Defense Training

Show your employees you care about their safety and well-being in and out of the workplace. Investing in their safety and well-being can be the key to a healthier, happier work environment. Corporate wellness self-defense training can help equip your team with techniques and strategies for protecting themselves against potential danger or harm, making them feel more secure in their environment.


Looking for a team-building activity? Add a self-defense training session to your company’s wellness program. Fabulous & FearLESS’ self-defense programs teach awareness, prevention and protection -- preparing your team for the unexpected. Self-defense also builds confidence and a greater sense of leadership.

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Improve Physical and Mental Health

Self-defense training isn't just about protection; it can also lead to improved physical and mental health. Not only will this form of exercise help build muscle and improve cardiovascular health, but it will also teach individuals how to handle stress in a safe manner. It can provide a sense of confidence and achievement, resulting in increased morale among your team. These physical and mental benefits together can foster better overall employee wellbeing in the workplace.


Strengthen Confidence and Self-Awareness

Self-defense training arms people with the tools and confidence necessary to better assess potential risks, identify vulnerabilities, and make sound decisions in any situation. Through hands-on activities and roleplays, self-defense classes teach individuals to be more aware of their environment, recognize any signs of danger, establish boundaries clearly in order to protect themselves and others,and respond quickly if needed. In addition, these courses can also help build problem solving skills and allow employees to become more confident in their decision making.


Develop Leadership Qualities and Communication Skills

Self-defense training is a great way to develop leadership qualities and communication skills, by teaching people to listen actively, assess their environment, and look for non-violent solutions first. This type of coursework will give employees the confidence to step up in potentially dangerous situations, whether at work or outside of it. It can help people become role models in their communities with their ability to practice calmness and sound judgment when in vulnerable positions. Moreover, self-defense classes challenge individuals to work together on problem solving techniques, building team spirit and trust among colleagues.


Enhance Teamwork and Collaboration

Self-defense training can create strong bonds between colleagues as they work together to identify and address security risks. It boosts collaborative problem solving by teaching people how to assess different scenarios and how to respond accordingly. The training requires individuals in a team to value, appreciate, and rely on each other for support. This makes it easier for them to trust each other which is essential for better communication and collaboration at the workplace.


Increase Work Productivity and Performance Levels in Stressful Situations

Self-defense training can help your team members to better manage their stress levels and handle difficult situations. Not only will they learn how to protect themselves but also understand how different stressful situations can impact their performance at work, encouraging them to take control of their performance and productivity. This type of self-awareness is essential for a successful corporate wellness program, as it encourages employees to prioritize taking 

care of their mental health.


Are you ready to find your strong?

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