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  • Shukokai: A Way For All
    Shukokai Karate derives from the karate style Shito Ryu and loosely means “the way for all” or “union of those training together.” Depending on the context, each ideograph has a different meaning. In a martial arts context, its meaning is: SHU- The study of the martial arts. KO- People with a common cause, coming together. KAI- Association. In essence it means, "An association where people come together to study martial arts."
  • History of Kimura Shukokai Karate
    Soke Shigeru Kimura (10th Dan) was the founder of Kimura Shukokai Karate. Prior to his passing in 1995, he traveled around the world teaching his style and technique: a strong, imperceptible, maximum strength at minimum energy-based technique. He developed a technique which future karate generations continued, and in doing so, the spirit of Soke Kimura has been kept alive today. Soke Kimura believed that a technique, no matter how powerful, was useless if it could not be delivered under combat situations. His philosophy was that the outcome of a confrontation should be decided in a single technique, as per the way of the samurais. This drove him to continually modify and test his techniques throughout the course of his life, with the result being the traditional, yet combat-effective style of Karate we call Kimura Shukokai Karate. "Shukokai Karate is not so much a sport. It is more like Martial Arts. Martial Art means trying to beat yourself before you beat the other guy.” - Shigeru Kimura, 1993
  • Understanding Soke Kimura's Technique
    Soke Kimura’s technique focused on body dynamics, emphasizing high striking power and strength. He understood the whole body had to cooperate and integrate to produce maximum force in one direction, within the shortest amount of time. Body dynamics and muscle action are used together. Breath, muscle action and dynamics must be matched and synchronized harmoniously.
  • Benefits of Karate
    "The path to black belt is certainly no walk in the park, but it is a goal that can be achieved with regular and consistent training." - Anonymous Learning karate will: • Enhance your physical and mental flexibility • Teach you to use your natural weapons effectively • Protect you and give you confidence • Put your mind and body in an alert state
  • Kata
    What is Kata? Kata means "form" in Japanese. Practicing kata means practicing the correct forms and postures that make up a significant part of martial arts training, especially those that come from Okinawa, Japan. Why is Kata important in Karate? Those who practice traditional karate tend to think that mastering kata is crucial for a karateka (a person who practices karate). Why? It helps execute martial arts techniques correctly because it fine-tunes the body's mechanics and muscle memory. Having a thorough understanding of kata is important because it teaches you how to generate power from your hips and core, rather than from your legs and arms.


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