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The Benefits of Preparation before my Mastectomy

May 17, 2021

Good Morning Family & Friends,

Happy Monday!

I want to begin by saying THANK YOU for all your well wishes received before, during and after surgery. All the love and support has certainly helped with my healing.

Regarding my progress, it’s been 5 days since my surgery and, fortunately as my sister initially reported, I’ve continued to be blessed with zero pain - it’s surreal to me. I’m in good spirits and feel great; I never anticipated this outcome so early but I’m certainly very thankful and grateful. I’m still waiting for the Mac truck pain to arrive - I think its GPS is broken and I’m ok with it staying that way. 😊

I’m home at my sister’s recovering, enjoying the blue skies and sunshine, the singing birds, the smell of the flowers and the beautiful daily walks. Mostly though, I love seeing my nephews, and spending time with my family.

I saw my Dr. on Saturday and I’m happy to report all the news thus far is positive. He himself was very happy with the outcome and was able to perform certain procedures during surgery normally done post surgery; I have my sister to thank for setting me up with two excellent surgeons! Also, just to brag a little, he mentioned most women’s pectoral muscle is only a few mm thick; mine was over 1cm thick which aided during this entire process. My years of training and all these crazy push-ups I did, is certainly paying off in multiple ways. 🙏🏻💪🏼

I still have a long road to go and months before this is all over but I’m counting my blessings as they come.

With that, please continue your prayers and your push-ups. The current count stands at 100! Who’s taking on the challenge to beat that? I would, but I’m on “sabbatical”, as per doctor's orders. 😉😂

Have a wonderful and blessed week.

With love,


Enjoying a good book, the sunshine and listening to the birds sing, three days after my mastectomy.

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